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Individual & Family Insurance


Finding health insurance today can be a complex process, especially with health care laws in a constant state of change.

Our agency is certified to assist you with coverage details on the available medical and dental plans for individuals and families with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, “on or off” the marketplace.

*Open enrollment for 2018 has ended, however you may qualify for a special enrollment period, if you have had a qualifying event, such as loss of coverage through employment for example.

We can also provide short-term medical policies for gaps in coverage in between jobs, or for students awaiting a job opportunity.

Our agency has partnered with trusted experts and advisors that can assist our customers with the following types of insurance.


Your financial plan should include life insurance, especially if others depend on you for financial support.  You may already have a life insurance policy on your own or through your employer, but you may be underinsured, our life insurance and estate planning partners can work with you to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage.  Not only can life insurance can be used for final expenses, to pay your mortgage, cover debts, or fund a child’s education, there are many more creative ways to use life insurance in your financial planning.  Our partners will help you develop the best protection for your individual needs.


Disability insurance protects your income and helps you to cover living expenses in the event that a serious illness or injury should keep you from working.  Disability coverage is one of the most important pieces of financial protection you can have.


Work with our licensed financial advisors to help plan your retirement strategy.  They have access to a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions to help you meet your short and long-term financial goals.


We have agents we work with to help you with property insurance, umbrella coverage, and auto.  They will tailor insurance plans that take into account your individual potential risks and make sure you have the appropriate coverage amounts at competitive rates.


Millions of people lose their identities every year, don’t be one of them.  The identity theft plans through ID Shield that we offer, keep the identity and personal information of you and your family protected, and also restore it, if something should happen.

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Expected and unexpected legal issues arise every day.  With a legal shield legal plan, a small monthly fee provides you access to advice and counsel on an unlimited number of personal legal issues.

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If you are traveling outside of the country, we strongly recommend that you purchase international travel insurance.  Your current medical coverage may not cover you overseas, and it does not cover things like emergency evacuation, lost luggage, or trip interruption.  Temporary coverage is also available for relatives or friends visiting the United States.  Contact us for more information.